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    Kim Soo Hyun ♥

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    Beanpole Outdoor website update 140820

    Kim Soo Hyun

  3. Model Kim Soo Hyun

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    [빈폴 아웃도어] 상큼한 수수커플의 13 S/S CF 대공개! (30s ver.) (by beanpoleblog)

    Beanpole CF Location: Bangkok ^ ^

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  5. kim soo hyun

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    140814 Incheon airport pics from media (28p)

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    Some news headlines:

    • "I’ll be back~" Kim Soo Hyun depart with smile.
    • Comfortable airport fashion with clothing black jeans and military pattern tee.
    • "Today camo look"… Kim Soo Hyun, the look of mainstream trend.
    • Kim Soo Hyun, comfortable and shining appearance.
    • Kim Soo Hyun, “Hello!” Greeting through eyes to the fans who sent him off at the airport.
    • Kim Soo Hyun, to see the fans gathering at the airport, “Surprised!”
    • Kim Soo Hyun, irresistible charm.
    • Kim Soo Hyun, ‘walk, greet, busy busy~’
    • Kim Soo Hyun, sneakers with sushi roll design.
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    JANG KEUN SUK for Marie Claire Korea, April 20114

    Part 2/2

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    Ma Te’s “failed” proposal lmao


  15. "I know I’ll find someone else to love,
    I know you weren’t the best out there.
    But I wanted you,
    I just fucking wanted you.
    Whether you were the best or not"
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